A Parent’s Guide to Instagram


As a must-have in every teen’s arsenal of social media profiles, we need to understand Instagram’s pros, cons, risks, and impacts. More importantly, we must converse with our teens about these topics in order to help them be healthy, loving followers of Christ, even in the digital world.

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Pages: 12

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What's in this guide?

  • —Instant Gratification or a Never-Ending Search for Validation?
  • —What is Instagram?
  • —How popular is it?
  • —How does it work?
  • —Can you explain its important features?
  • —What are hashtags?
  • —What’s Instagram Direct?
  • —What are Stories?
  • —Why would someone want to post to their Story instead of to their profile?
  • —Is Instagram “art”?
  • —What’s a “Finsta”?
  • —Why do teens care so much about how many followers and likes they get?
  • —How do the “liking” and “commenting” features affect my teen?
  • —How does the app impact my teen’s mental health?
  • —How do I talk to my teens about comparison and body image?
  • —Can a user access inappropriate content on the app?
  • —How do I talk to my teens about the app and its place in their lives?
  • —Final thoughts
  • —Resources

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