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Depression and anxiety are all too common, yet Christians have very little guidance as to how best to combine spiritual and medical treatment. This Guide offers that guidance so you can help your suffering teen.

Pages: 15

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What's in this guide?

  • —The “Black Dog”
  • —An Important Note First
  • —What exactly are “depression” and “anxiety”? Doesn’t everyone feel depressed or anxious sometimes?
  • —Are “depressed” or “anxious” teens just experiencing the normal ups and downs of growing up?
  • —What causes depression and anxiety?
  • —What are the spiritual ramifications?
  • —How can my church or pastor help?
  • —How would I know if my teen suffers from depression or anxiety?
  • —What types of treatment are available?
  • —What can I do to support my teen while he/she is in treatment?
  • —A final encouragement
  • —Resources

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