Carenet Webinar Bundle


Sexuality Video Kit

Identity. Shame. Connection.

The different portions of this topic discuss the identity given to us, some unhealthy voices speaking to us about that identity (including gnosticism, modern culture, and purity culture), and finally how a loving God designed sexuality to be used.

Large Group License (51+ People) - $60

Sexting Guide

How many teens are actually sexting? Why are they sexting? What will happen if my teen sexts? Is it illegal? How do I have an open and loving conversation with my teen about sexting and its dangers? All these questions and more are discussed in this guide.

Pages: 13

Gen Z Guide

How well do you know your teens? What influences them? How are they different from Millennials or other generations? If the generations have ever confused you, this Guide will walk you through them and what you need to know about Gen Z.
Pages: 9

Pornography Guide Bundle

Porn is a threat for everyone, one that we can't afford to ignore. No matter how old your kids are, these guides are for you.
The 3 Guides in this bundle:
- Understanding the Porn Threat
- Talking to Girls about Porn
- Talking to Boys about Porn

Pages: 36

Teen Slang Guide

If you're struggling to keep up with what your teens are saying, this is a great resource to have! Understand what different words mean and how they're typically used.

Pages: 11

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