All Axis Pass – For One Family

$99.00 / year with a 15-month free trial and a $99.00 sign-up fee

Our outreach pass allows a church or school to seamlessly integrate Axis content with sermons, events, small groups, presentations, creating and hosting Axis live events, and more. We include 5 staff passes so they can engage their sphere of influence with the materials they see as most effective for their group. It also allows a church or school to kickstart family participation by giving 5 passes out to families who will share their Axis experience with others who are looking for answers.  


  • 5 Staff Logins for School or Church 
  • Conversation Kits: staff/sharing – 16+ kits to engage your teens in BIG topics. They speak the language of your teen to get them thinking about what truly matters.
  • Parent Guides – staff/sharing – Learn from 70+ guides and be informed and ready to talk to your teen about the things they experience everyday.
  • Summits – staff/sharing – Grow as a leader with 250+ Godly experts who provide wisdom with practical applications about teen culture.
  • Culture Translator Premium: staff/sharing – A weekly and thought provoking digest that keeps you in the know on all the latest cultural trends that are impacting the lives of teens. Comes with free guides along the way to help users dig deeper and deeper into why teens love “X” and how to talk to them about it.
  • Bonus Content: staff/sharing – There are several other Axis resources you are able to learn and grow from as a parent including Come Together Digital Event, the 30-Day Smartphone Family Reboot, and more coming.
    Sharing Options: 
  • Download, Print and Email Axis Parent Guides
  • Download and View Conversation Kits for sermons, events, classroom presentations
  • Download and View Summits for sermons, events, classroom presentations
  • Unlimited Sign ups for Culture Translator Premium 
  • Reboot Sign Ups
  • Host Come Together Digital Conference
  • Download and Share Culture Translator Master Class
  • Download and Share 10 Day Teen Talks
  • Kickstart Family Participation: 5 Family Level Logins included with Outreach option. Special Pricing available to buy additional family logins for your school or church members – call 1-888-719-2947 ext 2 for details.

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EVERYTHING: This is the FULL CATALOGUE, EVERYTHING, ALL RESOURCES from Axis. You get everything listed on this page + exclusive trainings, bonuses, video series, user digests, etc. You’re also the first and best informed about new products — which also come with this pass.

Experience All Axis

Be equipped to have the lifelong conversation with: The Culture Translator Premium, Parent Guides, Conversation Kits, Expert Interviews, 10-Day Teen Talks, Family Experiences, and more!

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