Purity Guide


When we think of purity, we often think of virginity and saving sex for marriage. This is a great thing to strive for, but what happens if our kids fall in their pursuit of purity? Could our definition of purity actually be missing God’s purpose of it? In this Parent Guide, we’ll discuss God’s beautiful intent in purity, and the grace and forgiveness He so freely restores us with.

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What's in This Guide?

  • • Is Our Pursuit of Purity Tainting Our Pursuit of Christ?
  • • Where can we go wrong when talking about purity?
  • • What challenges are teens facing in this environment?
  • • What exactly do you mean when you say “purity”?
  • • How does the Gospel inform the purity conversation?
  • • So how can I be realistic about purity?
  • • My kid doesn’t seem to be struggling in this area at all, so do I need to talk about all this with him/ her?
  • • How do I keep my kids from having sex before they’re married?
  • • Practical Tips
  • • Discussion Questions
  • • Recap
  • • Final Thoughts
  • • Additional Resources

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