Modesty Guide

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Do you ever get into arguments with your child about what to wear? When our kids only hear us telling them what not to do and why their clothes are completely inappropriate, they’re more inclined to rebel or simply wait for the day that they’re out of the home and can finally wear what they want to wear. For our girls especially, they’ve been told that their bodies are temptations, rather than beautifully made by their heavenly Father. In this Parent Guide, we’ll redefine what modesty is and reframe it in a way that’s fair and actually more biblical than most definitions of modesty we see today.

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What's in This Guide?

  • • What is modesty?
  • • What does it mean to live in an immodest culture?
  • • How does our immodest culture affect women in particular?
  • • How should we not think about dressing modestly?
  • • How does the Bible teach us to think about modesty as a way of life?
  • • What does the Bible say about modest dress?
  • • How, then, should we dress?
  • • Is choosing to wear something because it looks good a legitimate        motivation?
  • • How can I talk to my teenagers about modesty?
  • • Conclusion
  • • Recap
  • • Related Axis Resources

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