Influencers Guide


Influencer. Creator. Streamer. The most popular job choices amongst Gen Z. But what does it mean to be an influencer? Why are they so beloved by teenagers? Why do they want to become one? And how can we lovingly disciple them to use their influence wisely and for good? All this and more in this guide.

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What's in this guide?

  • —When they talk, we listen.
  • —What’s an “influencer”?
  • —What’s the difference between a celebrity and an influencer?
  • —What does the blue check mark mean?
  • —Where did influencers come from?
  • —Why are companies willing to give them money?
  • —Why does my kid want to be one?
  • —Is being an influencer for one’s job as fun and easy as it seems to?
  • —How do I talk to them about this without coming across as condemning or ignorant?
  • —Does Scripture say anything about this?
  • —Should we only follow Christian influencers?
  • —If my teen only has a few thousand followers (or fewer), there’s no way they’ve been contacted by sponsors, right?
  • —What do I do if people start contacting my teen to do sponsored posts?
  • —Recap
  • —Final Thoughts
  • —Related Axis Resources
  • —Additional Resources

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