Failure Guide


Even just hearing the word “failure” can make us cringe. It evokes feelings of sadness, defeat, disappointment, rejection, and more. But it doesn’t have to be this way. This Guide looks at how society talks about failure, how there’s a more life-giving view, and how to impart that to our kids.

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What's in this guide?

  • —The real F word.
  • —Why are we so afraid of failure?
  • —What is success to Gen Z?
  • —What kinds of failure is Gen Z afraid of?
  • —Why does my teen think they’re a failure?
  • —Why do we need to deal with failure better?
  • —Shouldn’t I protect my kids from failure?
  • —How can I teach my kids to own their failures?
  • —How do I know if I’m overemphasizing success with my teens?
  • —Could my teen be afraid of how I might respond to his/her failure?
  • —How can I have grace when my kids fail?
  • —So how does God view failure?
  • —How can I model vulnerability in my home?
  • —Recap
  • —Conclusion
  • —Related Axis Resources
  • —Additional Resources

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