ASMR Guide


ASMR is one of the hottest trends to take YouTube by storm. Listening to whispering, chewing, and tapping into a mic is apparently addictive now, and it’s totally new territory. Most of us don’t know exactly what it is or where to even start a conversation about it. This Guide will give you every important detail to know about ASMR, as well as some helpful tips in how to talk about it with your kids.

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What's in this guide?

  • —When eating sounds make you…relax?
  • —What is ASMR?
  • —Is it scientifically proven?
  • —Should I be worried about ASMR?
  • —What does Scripture have to say about this?
  • —Should I let my kids watch it?
  • —How do I talk to my kids about it?
  • —What can I do to help my child?
  • —Recap
  • —Final Thoughts
  • —Discussion Questions
  • —Related Axis Resources
  • Additional Resources

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