The All Axis Pass Success Path

Welcome to your All Axis Pass! You now have a library of every digital resource we offer at your fingertips.

And we know it can be overwhelming and hard to just “jump in” and start using your AAP. But not to worry, you are in the right place to get started.

We created a success path so you can become familiar with all of the different resources and know exactly where to go and how to use your dashboard when you need it the most.

Follow the path to get the most out of your All Axis Pass and please use the chat box below or email if you have any questions! We applaud your desire to jump into your teen’s world and are on your side as you disciple the next generation.

STEP 1: Learn the “Axis Model”

Since 2007 Axis has been working with thousands of families, parents, pastors, leaders and teenagers. Through all of the years we have seen consistent patterns and crafted what we think is an effective and efficient model of conversation.

It’s called the One Conversation Model.

All of our resources go through the filter of the One Conversation Model to help you have conversations with your students.

Take 30 minutes and watch the 3 videos below to understand the purpose of the One Conversation Model and how each resource fits into it.

STEP 2: The Trends of Today

Now that you are familiar with the One Conversation Model you are ready to dive into the 4 main product categories.

First, the Culture Translator Premium.

The CTP is a weekly newsletter to help you understand relevant trends within your student’s world. It is delivered every Friday directly to your inbox. And with your All Axis Pass you not only get the CTP every Friday, you also get access to the archive of all past editions on your dashboard.

You can search any topic to find information from past editions on the topic you search.

Let’s Practice!

Go to your Dashboard.

Click on the Culture Translator Premium tab and search for the topic “Sexting” in the search bar.

Find the correlating articles and read through cultural trends we have written about. You can dive deep by clicking through all of the links and really researching the topic or you can get the basic idea from reading what is in the CTP.

The All Axis Pass Success Path
The All Axis Pass Success Path

STEP 3: Topics

Next, it’s time to move from the trends of today to the topics. As you learned in the One Conversation Model videos, trends come and go but topics remain in the language and culture of Gen Z.

Parent Guides. 

To help you learn about specific topics you have access to 80+ Parent Guides on your dashboard.

A Parent Guide are 10-15 page PDFs designed to help you understand the topics your student faces, how to start/have conversations about the given topic AND how to view the topic through the lenses of biblical discipleship.

There is a wide range of topics from smartphones, eating disorders, Snapchat, video games,  sexting, Fortnite, anxiety, music, etc.

You can search any topic and there will probably be a Parent Guide about it!

Let’s Practice!

Go to your Dashboard.

Click on the Parent Guides tab and search for the topic “Sexting” in the search bar.

Find the correlating guide and read it. Then, write down 3 new things you learned and 2 questions from the end of the guide you could ask your student.

The All Axis Pass Success Path
The All Axis Pass Success Path

STEP 4: Who Are Your Teachers?

Gen Z is influenced by many teachers and voices every day through their social media accounts, friends, smartphones, media, etc. But we want to ask who YOUR teachers are as the main discipler of Gen Z? Who is speaking into your parenting and discipling journey.

Axis Summits. 

There are over 200 summit interviews from parenting and discipleship experts at your fingertips to help you have solid voices speaking into your journey.

Each interview is only 30 minutes and packed with wisdom and practical application.

You can search by topic by clicking on an individual summit.

Let’s Practice!

Go to your Dashboard.

Click on the Axis Summits tab. Click on the Parenting Relationships Summit. Then click the “Sexuality and Marriage” tab.

Find 2 interviews to watch. Read the correlating action guides for each and pick 1 action or question to do with your student.

The All Axis Pass Success Path
The All Axis Pass Success Path

STEP 5: The “Big” Conversations

Lastly, there are themes that will always need to be discussed with your student. Understanding issues like gender, pornography, suicide, and drugs as well as philosophical concepts like evangelism, leadership, identity, and relationships with teens can be missed in the busyness of life. These topics are a tool for drawing parents and teens closer because they are designed to be watched together.

Conversation Kits. 

These video conversation starters help you learn and discuss these important issues with your teens. Conversation Kits bring generations together around a common gospel with a fast pace, cultural references and relevant truth saturated throughout.

You can scroll to search the 15 topics and choose which one is most relevant to where you and your student are at right now.

Let’s Practice!

Go to your Dashboard.

Click on the Conversation Kits tab.

Scroll towards the bottom of the page and click on the “Gender Conversation Kit.”

Watch the first video by yourself or with your spouse. Download the conversation guide and read through the discussion questions.

*If applicable, re-watch the first video with your student and ask them 1 or all of the discussion questions.

The All Axis Pass Success Path
The All Axis Pass Success Path
The All Axis Pass Success Path
The All Axis Pass Success Path

STEP 6: Try It!

Congrats! You have successfully made it through the success path and are ready to try it on your own.

We want you to walk through 1 more example in this format to make sure you got the hang of how to use your All Axis Pass Dashboard.

Pick one of the topics listed below OR a topic you want to know more about that is relevant to your student.

Gen Z Topics:

+ Fortnite, Video Games

+ Snapchat, Instagram, Twitch, Social Media, Smartphones

+ Anxiety, Depression, Suicide

+ Music, Media, Spotify, YouTube

+ Gender, LGBT+, Sexuality, Sexting, Relationships

Go to Your Dashboard. 

Follow the last 4 steps with one topic you picked. Read, research, reflect, discuss and talk.

Use the chat box or email if you have ANY questions through this process.