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No matter the size of your community, Axis is here to support your organization’s needs as you equip your families for better conversations around today’s issues.

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Meet your Partner Relationship Manager

Kelli serves as the Partnership Relationship Manager here at Axis. Equipping leaders with the necessary resources to help parents and reach teens in their communities is her passion. 

Kelli is excited to meet you and build a membership to meet your community’s needs. 

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Join Axis and receive ongoing access to culturally-relevant resources to share with your community. You can determine the size of your organization based on how many caring adults (teachers, staff, parents, grandparents, guardians, and other leaders) that make up your email list.

Are you an organization of 1,000+ members? Contact our team!

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Let us answer your questions...

Once your membership is purchased, our customer service team will reach out via email with your log in information and organization code to share with your community.

An organization membership is specifically designed for churches, schools, and community groups. Your annual plan includes memberships for your families plus personalized service tailored to meet your organization’s distribution needs.

Yes! With an organizational membership, you are able to download resources and distribute them to your community. We ask that you keep Axis content behind a log in, allowing only your members to have access. Distribution ideas could include: sharing Axis resources on your community’s app, sending a link via an emailed newsletter, loading resources on your website, or sharing links on a private social channel.

You can determine the size of your organization based on the total number of adults who may use at least one Axis resource during the subscription period. Included are staff as well as parents, grandparents, guardians, teachers, leaders, or anyone else who may use Axis resources for any purpose.

Yes! Your organizational membership includes individual family memberships for everyone in your community, up to the maximum number included in your membership plan.

No, for security purposes, we respectfully ask that each member create his own personalized log in.

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Welcome to your new Axis Dashboard!

With the launch of our iPhone app, all of your resources are now available with a familiar interface on our website or on your phone*.

This requires that you create a new password, which you will use in both places.
    1. Visit our new dashboard and click on the orange “SIGN UP / LOGIN” button in the top right corner.
    2. Enter your details and new password
    3. Click “CREATE ACCOUNT,” even if you already have an account (be sure to use the same email).


*Android version will come early 2021. Password reset still required to proceed.