The Axis Organization Membership

The Organization Membership allows you to offer all parents that belong to your school, church or organization all of the parenting resources we offer.

(Limitations apply. Details below.)

Churches • Schools • Organizations

We offer special group pricing and packages for organizations that wish to offer Axis’ resources to their parents and leaders.

This is a license to share Axis content within your organization. It is not an individual membership for each of your members. Those may be purchase for a nominal fee.

Church / School / Org Size
Request Pricing

Share any and all resources as much as you want with anyone in your Org

Can my Organization…

Share individually?
Yes! Print out PGs, email CKs, have a Parents Night and watch a Summit interview.

Put resources directly on our website?
Yes! If your member’s website access is through a password protected page. These resources cannot be discoverable via a web search and must be behind a protected “wall.”

Share in our newsletter?
Yes! If it is something people have to sign up for, not just a page on your website.

Share with my members via Google Drive/Drop Box?
Yes! As long as it is a password protected or private shareable link

Share resources on Facebook/Instagram?
Yes! If it is private group and not a public group.

Post resources on our church or organization App?

Give out my login information to Org members?
No. For security reasons this is not a good idea. Once the login information is out of your hands, you lose control of following our licensing guidelines.

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