This free video series has expired. 
This is for you, a caring adult discipling the next generation, to be equipped and ready to tackle every type of conversation. 
Do You Want To ... 
start a lifelong conversation with your child;
understand their world and culture;
and be prepared for the 'big moments'? 
In these 3 videos you will ... 
  •  Learn the difference between an actual emergency and perceived emergency
  •  Learn the 4 levels of the One Conversation Model 
  •  Be equipped with how to research your child's culture
  •  Go from fear of how to start conversations to confidence
  •  Dive below the surface
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    This free video series has expired. 
    What is the One Conversation Model? 
    At Axis we have worked with and talked to thousands of parents and leaders who desire to go below the surface with their child. After 11 years of ministry and experience, we have come up with the BEST model for life-changing conversation so you, the caring adult, can connect to the heart of your child. Don't stay where the majority of parents stay, go deeper with the One Conversation Model
    Step out in confidence and be equipped to disciple your child the way you deeply desire.

    Don't fear the world or culture any longer but embrace what is in front of you and where God is leading you. Along with this free video series there will be 3 different worksheets to help you walk through real-life examples. 

    You have influence and time to disciple your child's heart. Use the this model to start and continue your lifelong conversation!
    Sign up for this free video series and print out each worksheet for the 3 videos. 

    Watch all 3 videos that will walk through the 4 levels of the One Conversation Model
    Take this model, mold it, form it to fit your family and teens. Go through it again and again
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