Axis On-Demand Webinar Series

Join us as we walk through the most relevant topics in Gen Z's world with this free webinar series!

Watch at your own pace as we help you gain a better understanding of Gen Z's world, provide thought-provoking questions & tips to start meaningful conversations.

Want Resources To Help Connect Teen Culture and Scripture?

An Axis Membership unlocks hundreds of resources to help make difficult conversations about faith, technology, identity and culture a little easier. Our Membership delivers gospel-centered written, video and audio resources on the topics that matter most to you and your kids, and helps you jump start amazing conversations.

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Start Having Conversations That Lead To Stronger Relationships:

Anxiety & Depression

The need to be perfect. Peer Pressure. Impatient Parents. Why are so many Gen Z'ers feeling anxious and depressed in today's world? Find out how you can respond.

Making Time For Discipleship

Between all the activity and busyness of life, how we can make time to disciple our kids? We'll explore how Jesus discipled to find out!

Social Media

A blessing and a curse - Social Media can equally be a tool for loving, intentional outreach or wasteful total time-suck. Learn how your family can establish healthy routines online!

Video Games

Are your kids wasting too much time playing video games?
Or are they learning skills like healthy escapism, digital fellowship, and critical thinking?

Axis Membership Connects Parents, Teens & Jesus in a Disconnected World

An Axis Membership gives parents and mentors hope by being their guide through culture into starting conversation that centers around Jesus.

Through this membership we deliver trustworthy & gospel-centered written, video and audio resources on the topics that matter most to you and your kids.
Whether you're struggling with culture, technology, faith, or identity, your membership will make life’s tough conversations just a bit easier.

Save 20% On Your Membership Using Coupon Code: Webinar20

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