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A Parent’s Guide to Social Media 



How is social media affecting my child’s life?

This Guide will help you better understand how we can train our children to approach social media with intelligence, moderation, and a desire to honor God through it.

What can I expect to learn?

– It’s driver’s ed, but for social media.

-The big question: Do the experts think social media is good or bad?

-What’s different about how Gen Z uses social media?

-What do teens think about their social media use?

-Is social media neutral then? Does it all depend on how a person uses it?

-Why does this matter?

-What’s good about social media?

– What’s bad about it?

-How else does it shape us?

-What can I do to encourage healthy social media use in my kids?

-What are important conversations to have with my kids about social media once they’ve started using it?

Plus additional resources to help you dive as deep as you want to go!

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