Connecting Parents, Teens & Jesus in a Disconnected World

We give parents and mentors hope by being your guide through culture into conversation around Jesus.

Axis Parents Benefit From...


A massive library of culturally-relevant guides, video, and audio for parents.


A clear plan showing you how to use our content to converse with your kid.


A team of Gospel-focused researchers ready to answer your questions and pray for you.

Axis is your partner and guide to deepening your relationship with your kid by having an ongoing conversation aimed at leading them into a lifelong faith in Jesus.

Do You Sometimes Feel Like You are Struggling at Parenting?

  • Do you… sense a growing distance between you and your kid?
  • Have you… found concerning online behavior on your kid’s devices?
  • Do you… fear that your kid’s faith is threatened by the outside world?
  • Do you… feel sometimes like you are failing at parenting?

If you feel like you might be losing your kid and you don’t know what to do different, there is hope!

What is Parenting Like with Axis in Your Corner?



We offer everything you need to see that there is HOPE that you can genuinely connect with your kid.



We offer you the KNOWLEDGE to discuss current topics that your kid is already talking about with their friends and seeing around them.



As you begin to follow the AXIS model and have meaningful conversations with your kid, you will begin to experience a deepening in your RELATIONSHIP. 



Equipped with Axis resources you can have the CONFIDENCE to carry on a non-confrontational conversation with your kid.



Our resources are centered around the Gospel and are intentionally geared toward the parent who wants to guide their kid into a lifelong FAITH in Jesus.



There is hope for the FUTURE! As your kid experiences connecting, genuine conversation with you, they will develop into healthy, Jesus-following adults, ready to handle the world.

Begin a New Relationship with Your Kid


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We would never say it is easy, but with help from Axis, you can be confident as you begin to deepen your conversations in a way that your kid will respond to.


Who Has Recognized Axis' Leadership?

Our resources combined with our clear guides give you the direction and confidence you need to start a conversation with your kid that will last a lifetime.

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What are Parents, Pastors and Youth
Leaders Saying About Axis?


Mom of 12-Year-Old Daughter

I am so grateful for all the content Axis provides to help parents disciple their kids. Your work is incredibly important and I just want to encourage you that you are making a huge difference in so many lives. We just went through the gender conversation kit and had some great conversations. I was shocked how open my husband and daughter both were in these conversations.

Andrew Marstellar

Youth Pastor

It’s worth the investment. There’s less prep on our end. A really good tool that we are using!


Dad of a Tween

You are making 8 more [Conversation Kits] next year? That alone is worth the price of joining Axis!

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“I love the Culture Translator because, whether it’s the Grammys or the latest things on YouTube that I’ve never heard of, you guys come in just explaining it and you have links to it. All of a sudden it comes up in conversation with my kids and I’m prepared and I don’t have to be the stupid or clueless parent!”
KarenUses the Culture Translator with her two boys

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What is Axis?

Axis creates Christ-centered resources that are timeless from great thinkers like CS Lewis while keeping our pulse on very relevant shifts in culture. We call this “Culture Translation.” We have three types of resources: written, audio and video.

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