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The Axis + Heartwork partnership empowers students to serve “the least of these”. Heartwork creates opportunities for students to transform the way they look at the world around them through tangibly changing the way they live to bring hope to another in need.

Ultimately, Axis and Heartwork are committed to helping your students move from apathy to compassionate action. In a culture of self-focus, Heartwork helps your students spend themselves on those in need.


Heartwork gives you everything you need for a 30 day follow up devotional program right after your Axis event. Heartwork helps your students carry on what they learned through Axis, by giving further opportunity to be transformed by scripture, devotionals, daily challenges and prayer. 30 Days of Heartwork is a devotional for your students to go through on their own, or with their friends in their classrooms, clubs, teams, etc. and Heartwork will guide you through the best option for your school.

Our Event Producer will connect you with our Heartwork coordinator, Josh, to walk you through just how Heartwork can mobilize your students around the world’s deepest pain.

In addition to the 30 Days of Heartwork program, Axis + Heartwork give you the opportunity to engage in 1 of 3 transformational projects. These projects are designed to be a way for students to live out what they are learning during 30 Days of Heartwork program that follows your Axis event. Each one of these projects are focused on bringing lasting and sustainable change to communities. Heartwork helps your students transform poverty stricken communities and engage in daily challenges helping them to empathize with those in need.

  • Education in Haitieducation
  • Clean Water in Indiaclean water
  • Human Trafficking Rescuetrafficking rescue

Why giving? Because when students put their work and resources into sacrificing for another they are practicing the transformational generosity that is an integral part of following Jesus. Apathy can be stubborn… Until it’s displaced by action.