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A Parent's Guide to the 12 Days of Christmas
FIIIIIIIIVE GOOOOOLDEN RIIINGS! Oh wait, just kidding. Thankfully, that's not the 12 days of Christmas we're talking about. (But you're welcome for getting the song stuck in your head!) So what are we talking about? Well, did you know that Christmas hasn’t always been celebrated as a one-day affair? Throughout its history, Christmas has been a whole season according to the Christian calendar. A twelve-day season, to be precise—a season that is best experienced after entering fully into the season of Advent.

In this guide, we cover the following: How has Christmas changed over the centuries? Should Christians participate in Christmas? What should we do with our current Christmas traditions and liturgies? What should we keep in mind as we celebrate Christmas, particularly with our teens? What about St. Nicholas and Santa Claus? Should we stop giving gifts altogether? How can we use Christmas to model giving to our kids? What do we actually do during the 12 Days of Christmas? How do we deal with hard people around the holidays? And finally, how can we celebrate when Christmas just brings pain and sadness?
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