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Ever been afraid your friends and family are doing fun, exciting things without you? Ever felt like your life is so boring compared to others’? 
If so, you’ve experienced Fear Of Missing Out, a human experience. But teens today face FOMO on steroids, thanks to social media. This Guide gets to the heart of the issue, offering lots of ways to point teens back to true Joy.

Want a sneak peek at what you will learn in this guide?
 —The only thing we have to fear is FOMO itself.
—Where did the term FOMO come from?
—Why is it so powerful?
—How is it affecting and influencing us?
—How does social media relate to FOMO?
—What triggers it?
—How does it affect us long term?
—Why does Gen Z experience FOMO so intensely?
—I know FOMO isn’t good, but my kids don’t necessarily know that. So how do I point them back to Scripture when talking about it?
—How can I help my kids not become slaves to FOMO?
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