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Conversations are what change lives.
     We can't have conversations with your teen every day - but you can.  When our millennial-aged speaking teams travel around North America, we can jumpstart something - but any discipling or true conversations happen once we leave. 

     That's how we can help: We can resource you to have the hard but vital conversations that every teen needs to hear. 

     Get your introduction to how to have these conversation here now --->
3 Key Ingredients for Raising Gen-Z
The simple 3 Ingredients and how to combine them to help you connect with your teens and build a lifelong faith.
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In This Free 2 Page Formula, We'll Show You ...
  • Our exact 3 Ingredients and how we use them that give you the strategy for how to connect more with your teenagers and receive the permission to speak into their lives about the most important things in their world. 
  • Page 2 reveals our most practical ways to implement the ingredients into your relationship with your teenagers
  • Using this formula, you'll understand what your teenagers need and want from you to receive your help in speaking into their life from their perspective.
  • You'll take away the tools and confidence you need to enter into your teenager's world this week!
  • And So Much More...
Hello, we're Axis. We love and serve families!

The reason you don't see a picture of us is because we're a fairly large group of millennial speakers. What we do is translate student culture to help parents understand their teenager's world so they can start the most important conversations today for building their teenager's lifelong faith.

This Formula will show you how to do that...
Build Generational Faith Into Your Teenagers Today ...

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