Vol. 5 Issue 39 | September 27, 2019

Vol. 5 Issue 39 | September 27, 2019

Three Things This Week

1. How Dare You

What it is: 16-year-old Greta Thunberg chastised world leaders at the U.N. with a passionate speech on global warming.

Why it’s challenging: The Swedish teen activist drew criticism from political pundits for her fiery speech and borderline disrespect for her audience. She even exchanged Twitter barbs with President Donald Trump. Whether you agree or disagree with her climate change position, one thing must be admired: her courage. From the French Revolution to Tiananmen Square, some of the most transformational societal changes have been sparked by students. Right or wrong, the older we get, the more we’re apt to not rock the boat, to maintain the status quo. But students are different. They are wide-eyed enough to envision a new world, free from the trappings and limitations of our current state of affairs. Our kids need our wisdom, and we need their wonder. Imagine what a wonderful world we could create together.

2. Facebook Horizon

What it is: A new virtual reality world created by Facebook launching on Oculus Quest and the Rift Platform in 2020 promises to be a “world beyond your world."

Why it’s theological: Horizon promises users a disembodied virtual world where there are no “rules or limits” where you can “build a world of your own." But here’s the rub. Being human means there are rules, and one of those rules is that we are embodied creatures with real limitations. Christianity is incarnational, meaning our physical bodies are a central aspect of our faith. “Christ took upon himself this human form of ours. He became Man even as we are men...He has become like a man, so that men should be like him.” What if, instead of escaping the physical world in order to find freedom, we fully entered back into that world as new creations in Christ fully capable to join Him in the ultimate renewal of all things? If your kids are into VR, ask them these two questions: Is virtual reality just an augmented aspect of the real world, or an escape from the real world altogether? Why does this matter?

3. iPhone 11

What it is: Apple recently unveiled their newest smartphone with a dual lens camera, a faster chip, and better durability.

Why you’ll need a loan: Pricing starts at $699 for the base model, while the Pro goes for $999 and the Pro Max is currently listed at $1099. While its physical dimensions are identical to the iPhone XR, the overall performance, battery life, and updated camera promise buyers an upgraded experience. Apple has mastered Don Draper’s, and maybe Steve Jobs', subtle art of selling products, newness. “The most important thing in advertising is ‘new’. It creates an itch.” But maybe it’s our obsession with newness that keeps us, and our children, from being content with what we have. Have your kids expressed an ‘itch’ for this new phone? What’s driving their desire to upgrade, trade in, and keep up?

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Just Binge Baby

It’s Fall ya’ll, and that means only one thing, premier season. Here’s our curated list of the top five shows your teen will clamor to watch on broadcast TV and streaming platforms starting this week.

  1. "El Camino": Premiering October 11 on Netflix, this “Breaking Bad Movie” finally reveals what happened to Jesse Pinkman.
  2. “Looking For Alaska”: This Hulu series is an adaptation from “The O.C.” and “Gossip Girl,” centering on the innate desire students have for community and a sense of place.
  3. “Daybreak”: Think high school, just with zombies! Premiering October 24 on Netflix, this series exposes post-apocalyptic life in California.
  4. “The Mandalorian”: A live-action Star Wars series debuting on Disney in November will attempt to deliver out of this world cinematic entertainment on the small screen. If the trailer is any indication, they’ve delivered on their promise.
  5. “Dollface”: This Hulu original features Kat Dennings as a jilted woman trying to reconnect with the friends she lost during her longtime dating relationship.

Keep the Faith!

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