Vol. 5 Issue 34 | August 23, 2019

Vol. 5 Issue 34 | August 23, 2019

Three Things This Week

1. Ghosted

What it is: MTV’s hyping its new show Ghosted: Love Gone Missing ahead of its Sept. 10 premiere, but the Internet isn’t here (language) for it.

Why it’s getting backlash: Referencing the slang for what happens when a romantic interest suddenly stops responding to all communication, the show helps real people find their “ghosts” in order to find out why they disappeared and left them hurt, confused, and sometimes unable to move on. In case you didn’t catch it, yes, the show’s hosts stalk—no, hunt down—someone who clearly doesn’t want to be found…on TV. But that may be precisely why someone wants to watch. Ghosting victims may have spent hours fantasizing about finding the offender and getting some level of revenge/closure, so seeing it happen for others might be cathartic in some small way. Teens need our wisdom to know how to handle breakups maturely and how to move on even when it’s tough.

2. Escape the Vape

What it is: Between June 28 and August 20, 149 people (mostly adolescents and young adults) have developed a mysterious lung disease, and according to the CDC, every person involved vapes.

Why it’s not surprising: A cause has yet to be determined, though they believe an infectious disease can be ruled out. Of course, more information is needed to know exactly what’s happening, but it’s proving that vaping may not be the “safe” alternative to smoking it’s been so heavily marketed to be. And though more teens than ever are vaping (often without their parents knowledge), the negative impact is just starting to be known. If your teen starts experiencing any strange symptoms after using tobacco products, you can report them to the FDA here. And whether you think your teens are vaping or not, it’s becoming more imperative to help them see beyond the fruity flavors and clever marketing to the truth of vaping. (Our Parent’s Guide to Vaping can help.)

3. Off-Facebook Activity

What it is: Facebook’s long-awaited privacy feature is finally live (in some countries; U.S. still pending) and is, well, misleading.

Why it’s not quite what was promised: Marketed as a way for users to control what happens with their data, the feature simply shows users what data Facebook receives about their browsing activity on other platforms and allows them to disconnect it from their identifying info. Notice we didn’t say “delete it”; the data will stay on FB’s servers anonymously, and even if you choose to disconnect all future activity, it will always take 48 hours to disconnect. If your teens aren’t on FB, this still affects them since FB owns their beloved Instagram. It’s a good reminder to talk with them about our information economy, what digital privacy is versus what it should be, and why free isn’t always a good thing. They are, after all, the ones who will shape digital privacy laws and practices in the future.

Fall Video Game Releases

If your teen gamer is already totally over Fortnite Season X’s much-hated mechs, or if they’re not the build+shoot type, here are some of the biggest games to know about this fall. Warning: Some trailers linked below have strong language or show graphic violence.

1. Control (rated M. PC, PS4, XB1. Aug 27)

Trailer. Eerie, mysterious, story-driven single-player action-adventure. Players use supernatural abilities to combat otherworldly threats.

2. NBA2k20 (rated E. PC, PS4, XB1, Switch. Sept 6)

Trailer. The next release in the basketball simulator franchise.

3. Gears 5 (rated M. XB1 exclusive. Sept 10)

Trailer. The Gears of War franchise is known for its gritty action. Has competitive, cooperative, and now creative play (like Fortnite).

4. Borderlands 3 (rated M. PC, PS4, XB1. Sept 13)

Trailer. Highly anticipated. Comedic, high-octane, single-player or cooperative action.

5. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint (rated M. PC, PS4, XB1. Oct 4)

Trailer. Tactical military action. Single-player or cooperative story mode, with competitive multiplayer.

6. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (rated M. PC, PS4, XB1. Oct 25)

Trailer. The long-running, fast-action shooter series is best known for its competitive multiplayer, but this release also includes a single-player campaign and co-op missions.

7. The Outer Worlds (rated M. PC, PS4, XB1. Oct 25)

Trailer. Sci-fi adventure shooter in which players can choose to be good or evil. If your gamer loved the Fallout series, they’ll probably want this one.

8. Death Stranding (rated M. PS4 exclusive. Nov 8)

Trailer. Loooong-awaited and strange sci-fi/supernatural action-adventure. Narrative driven, stars the likenesses and voice acting of Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, and others.

9. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order(most likely rated T. PC, PS4, XB1. Nov 15)

Trailer. Single-player action-adventure for, you know, Star Wars fans.

10. Doom Eternal (rated M. PC PS4 XB1. Nov 22)

Trailer. The latest in the gruesome demon-slaying franchise that helped define the first-person shooter.

BONUS: Google Stadia

Google’s game streaming platform will be here in November. Your gamer can play console-exclusive games without having to own all the consoles (less money out of your pocket!), BUT getting access to exclusive games will cost a monthly fee (more money out of your pocket).

Keep the Faith!

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