Vol. 4 Issue 30 | July 27, 2018

Vol. 4 Issue 30 | July 27, 2018

Three Things This Week

1. Zooted

What it is: A new single from Latin pop artist and actress Becky G that brings new popularity to an older slang term.

Why it’s important: Considering that two of her biggest songs (“Mayores” and “Sin Pijama”) have a combined almost 2 billion views on YouTube, and considering that songs featuring a Spanish verse and/or chorus have been extremely popular lately (Bieber’s “Despacito” remix and Cardi B’s “I Like It” come to mind), it’s a good bet we’ll be hearing Becky G and her music in the future. To be “zooted” is to be extremely intoxicated or high, and that’s exactly what the song is about. She sings about not only “popping, drinking, smoking,” but also about “gettin’ higher off your love.” Even if your teens aren’t into partying, it’s quite possible this word will enter their vernacular and you’ll be hearing it soon. So, listen up!

2. Enneagram, Anyone?

What it is: A somewhat controversial personality test that not only uncovers your personality, but your potential path toward sanctification.

Why it's intriguing: Every teenager is asking the same big questions about themselves: Who am I? What makes me unique? What was I born to do? The Enneagram might just be the mechanism to help answer these questions. Beyond its ability to distinguish which one of the nine personality types they are, “the Enneagram is a tool that can reveal the specific ways God intends for us to display his glory and love to the world.” It also provides a self-reflective way to spot sin patterns and persistent fears. Simply put, it can help you and your teen understand why you both act like you do! Here’s a free version of the assessment to take with your teen and then ask each other these questions: Which type are you? What did you learn about yourself that can help you in your spiritual and educational journeys?

3. Almost Halfway There!

What it is: Tuesday, July 31 is “Axis Giving Day,” and we’ve already raised over $22,000 toward our goal of $50,000 to keep The Culture Translator free in 2018! Thank you!

Why we’re in this together: Did you know The CT is 100% donor funded? That means our ability to research, write, and give this incredible resource away to thousands of families every week is dependent on the faithful support of readers just like you. If you haven’t made your donation yet, will you join us today by making your tax-deductible gift to keep The Culture Translator free and accessible for everyone? Click here to make your gift today. We can’t do this without you! Also, check out how we make The CT each week, we think you’ll get a chuckle out of it.

Slow Down

In 1967, Walter Cronkite told America that by the year 2000, a 30-hour workweek would be standard and month-long vacations would be the rule. He wasn’t the only one to envision such a leisurely future.

But it’s 2018, and we’re still working 40+ hours a week, and vacation seems to be something we don’t get to enjoy as much as we’d like—despite workers being at least 25% more productive than they were in 2000 and at least 400% more productive than in 1950. We’re slaves to a consumer culture driven by anxiety and propelled by the endless cycle of production and consumption; always demanding more work, more time, and the ceaseless pursuit of more stuff. And we are starving in the midst of plenty. Our entire economic system rewards and values those who “hustle” and “grind” day in and day out more than those who pursue a simpler, slower life of contentment. Even those of us who don’t get a paycheck for the work we do (stay-at-home parents!) wonder where all our time goes. Yet we march on, obediently believing this is the only way to live.

But is this what we were made for? How do we truly follow Christ in a consumer society? Maybe by simply slowing down.

The documentary Godspeed invites us all to consider a new pace of life, a pace at which we can be truly known and know others. As countercultural as it is to slow down, to not fill every second with things to do and accomplish—it’s so ingrained in us that we feel immense guilt if we have *gasp* too much free time!—the documentary helps us to ask why. Watch the free 30-minute film as a family, then discuss it together. How did it make everyone feel? Is it possible live like this in the modern world? If so, how? And check out our brand new “Parent’s Guide to Sabbath & Rest” written by Dr. Julie Canlis for more on the topic!

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