Vol. 4 | Issue 09 | March 2, 2018

Vol. 4 | Issue 09 | March 2, 2018

Three Things This Week

1. Oscar’s Irrelevant?

What it is: With declining viewership, the awards show has been criticized for its elitism, lack of diversity, and now the dark cloud of sexual misconduct, highlighted by a Harvey Weinstein “casting couch” statue debuting on Hollywood Boulevard this week.

Why it's a sign of the times: A generation ago, Hollywood A-listers inhabited an alternative universe of unattainable wealth and fame. Now because of YouTube and Instagram, anyone can be a star. “They don’t seem as otherworldly as they once did. Notions of fame have been reinvented, and the audience has become the star.” And since Gen Z isn’t watching as much traditional media, many actors have zero celebrity status with them. They are more influenced by YouTube celebs because “they create communities of fans. They interact with and listen to these fans. As a result, the fans feel a real connection” to their favorite YouTube celebrity. On Sunday as you’re anticipating who’ll win picture of the year (our vote is Shape of Water), your son or daughter is more likely to be watching Liza Koshy or PewDiePie.

2. Pray for Me

What it is: A new track by The Weeknd and Kendrick Lamar from the Black Panther soundtrack that’s currently no. 9 on Billboard’s Hot 100.

Why it's a tool to utilize: Depicting a hero’s struggle with himself, God, and his broken world, the lyrics are an honest look at some very real-world burdens and questions. It’s also a reminder that we can all be the hero we need if we only act: “You need a hero, look in the mirror, there go your hero.” It’s reminiscent of our call to be the hands and feet of Jesus, and the song itself is a great opportunity to use the poetry of our time to point teens to Christ (“Who gon’ pray for me? / Take my pain for me? / Save my soul for me?”). It’s major flaw to discuss? The final couplet: “Just in case my faith go, I live by my own law…”

3. The Greatest of These...

What it is: Sometimes, we all need a reminder to take a step back from our particular circumstances and simply enjoy and celebrate our loved ones.

Why it's of utmost importance: Maybe you’re in the midst of a power struggle with a student. Maybe you found out your teen has been lying to you. Maybe you can’t seem to connect with your child, no matter how hard you try. Whatever the frustration you’re feeling with Gen Z, we want to remind you (and ourselves!) to not get so caught up in the bad that we forget to love and cherish them. Our team has had lots of reminders lately that life is fleeting and precious, and that tomorrow is never promised. Your children will only be young once; don’t miss the chance to cherish them while you can. Carve out time in your week to be fully present with your kids. When there is tension between you, it’s easy to refocus your attention on work or other distractions. But as the old Polish proverb says, “You have a lifetime to work, but children are only young once.” Don’t look back and regret allowing the negative to eclipse the positive.


5 Apps to Know About

It’s hard to keep up with the constant barrage of new and popular apps, so we’ve got your back!

  • Vero. This new social media app has been at the top of the iOS free apps chart, beating out Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, likely because it offers more control, no ads, and no algorithms. However, there’s already a #DeleteVero movement due to its creator’s allegedly shady past.
  • Vora. Branded as an app for tracking one’s intermittent fasting, it’s become popular in pro-eating-disorder communities as a way to challenge oneself to only drink water for longer and longer periods. Because healthy relationships with food and our bodies are hard to foster in today’s world, we must talk to our teens if this is on their devices.
  • Houseparty. I.e. no need to hang out in person anymore! Though this group-video-chat app has been around for awhile, it remains popular with teens and preteens. Unless one locks a chat, friends of friends can join, and it’s also possible to text.
  • Moment. This currently iOS-only app tracks how much you use your iOS devices each day, as well as lets you manage your family’s screen time from your device. If you’ve ever felt like you don’t have enough time, this could shed some light as to why.
  • iHeartUs. In a Tinder-dominated world, this app is so needed. Based on the five love languages, it aims to help couples have healthy, deep relationships that last. What better legacy to pass on to our kids than a beautiful, committed marriage?

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