Vol. 3 Issue 27 | July 7, 2017

Vol. 3 Issue 27 | July 7, 2017

Three Things This Week

1. Digital Detox

What it is: Covenant Eyes is encouraging families to “give kids a break from technology” this summer through their 7-Day Digital Detox series starting July 10.

Why it's beneficial: Too old to go to VBS but too young to get a job, many students feel adrift during summer without school’s daily routine. And, if left home all day, the temptation is increased screen time. But keeping them busy just for busyness’ sake isn’t healthy either. They need time to relax, to think, to create, to read, to play. Use summer break to teach them life lessons like time management, balance, and margin. Sign-up for Digital Detox and take a break from technology this Summer while replacing it with healthy habits that can last a lifetime.

2. Body Issues

What it is: ESPN’s Body Issue hit newsstands today, filled with photos of 23 athletes all posing completely nude.

Why it's nothing's new under the sun: Since the dawn of Greek Humanism, man has been “the measure of all things.” In art, sculpture, and sports, the Greeks marveled at the human form, especially the nude. And, like them, we also glorify the human body, elevating the created over the Creator. Sports heroes, especially attractive ones, are our civilization’s ideal humans our kids are dying to emulate. But our culture’s neo-humanism has taken ancient humanism a step further: We don’t just idolize the body, we objectify it. Now, everything is about sex. The Body Issue blurs the lines between art and porn, turning beauty into banality and admiration into stimulation. If your teen has seen it, ask them: is this art or is it pornography and what is the difference? Why is Michelangelo's David art and a naked photo of David Beckham not? Art inspires, elevates, and awakens the imagination. Porn debases and numbs, turning subjects into objects and people into things.

3. Praying

What it is: On Thursday, Kesha dropped her first solo single (“Praying”) in four years. It’s a semi-gospel, gut-wrenching, “scorched-earth ballad on betrayal and hope”.

Why it's powerful: For the last few years, Kesha has been involved in a court battle with her producer (Dr. Luke), accusing him of nearly a decade of verbal and sexual abuse. “Praying” is a song of liberation, one that Kesha hopes “reaches people who are in the midst of struggles”. The music video is filled with Christian iconography, yet Kesha’s God is “nature and space and energy.” If your daughter has heard the song, think about reading Kesha's moving introduction to the record with her (warning language). Ask her what she thinks of Kesha’s journey toward forgiveness and empathy. Then, ask her if she noticed Kesha’s spiritual syncretism (the blending of different belief systems into one) and if she thinks Kesha’s definition of “God” is the same God we find in Scripture, and why that is important.


Summer Slang

One of our goals at Axis is to help you become “bilingual,” to know and understand your teens’/tweens’ vernacular. Netsanity published an excellent resource that categorizes current teen slang into three categories: “Fun and Harmless,” “Keep an Eye On,” and “Warning Flags.” Here’s our top 10 list of slang you’ll be hearing by the pool, at the beach, or in theaters this summer.

  • Hundo: Like, 100% sure bro.
  • Stealthing: Secretly removing one’s condom during consensual sex, then bragging about it by encouraging other men to do likewise.
  • GNOC: Get Naked on Camera.
  • 9: Parent Watching.
  • Extra: Excessive, over-the-top.
  • Curve: To reject or deny someone’s sexual advances or romantic interests.
  • Sip Tea: Taking part in social media, celebrity gossip. The reader or listener quietly “sips tea” while drinking in the lurid information.
  • Igging: Ignoring.
  • Kittenfish: Coined by the dating app Hinge, it’s the light version of “catfishing,” presenting yourself in an unrealistically positive way.
  • Turnt: Someone who is excessively excited or amped up.

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