Vol. 3 Issue 22 | June 2, 2017

Vol. 3 Issue 22 | June 2, 2017

Three Things This Week

1. You Have More Influence Than Their Friends

What it is: Recent statistics reveal that children actually want their parents to talk to them about sex, citing their parents—not their friends—as the biggest influence on their decisions regarding sex.

Why it's huge: The same statistics also show that parents vastly underestimate their influence and therefore don’t speak up, leaving kids unsure of how to find answers, except through their friends. We’re big believers in not just having “the talk,” but having one conversation that never ends. So how can you embrace the awkwardness? The article mentions that technology and pop culture are perfect conversation starters: “More than half of young people ages 12 to 24 have had a helpful conversation with their parents about sex because of something they saw in popular media.” In addition, our interviews with Dr. Juli Slattery, D.A. Horton, Pastor Caleb Kaltenbach, Chris Bruno, and others in our free Parenting Teens Summit offer tons of advice for tackling all sorts of issues surrounding human sexuality.

2. Gray Death

What it is: The latest and most lethal opioid cocktail that looks like concrete and can kill with one dose.

Why it's fatal: The drug is a deadly combination of heroin, fentanyl, “Pink”, and carfentanil (animal tranquilizer) and it’s spreading up the Gulf Coast region into middle America, killing two drug counselors in Pennsylvania. "You can buy one of these cocktails for $10-$20 on the street and lose your life in a few seconds."

3. Parenting Teens Summit

What it is: Join us for the encore presentation of our online Parenting Teens conference.

Why it's helpful: We’ve assembled faithful Christian authors and experts (Dr. Kara Powell, Dr. Tim Keller, Ravi Zacharias) providing practical talks aimed at equipping you to parent your teens well. Sign up today for your free viewing experience, and watch the opening keynote with David Eaton (Axis CEO) and John Stonestreet (The Colson Center) as they discuss identity, perpetual adolescence, entertainment, and the “hookup” culture.


Top Summer Movies

Every summer, filmmakers come out with guns blazing, hoping to attract the attention—and dollars—of audiences everywhere. Some are blockbusters for a reason, some are simply overhyped eye candy, and others are gems just waiting to be discovered. Your teens will have their hearts set on something, and it’s a great opportunity to research the films together, then talk about why they want to see it, how it will affect them, and what underlying messages will be communicated (both explicitly and through normalization). Some will be worth seeing with them, as a way to have conversations about the ideas and how they either give life or take it. We highly recommend watching John Stonestreet’s free interview about pop culture and its profound impact on teens in our Parenting Teens Summit, then utilizing the list below of trailers for the most anticipated movies of the summer for your research purposes.

Happening Now!

Our online Parenting Teens Summit encore is underway. It’s packed full of parenting wisdom and tips from over 40 experts. You can’t afford to miss a single talk! Sign up for FREE now!

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