Vol. 2 Issue 52 | December 30, 2016

Vol. 2 Issue 52 | December 30, 2016

15 Predictions for 2017

Here is our list of the top items in media, entertainment, technology, and faith that will shape the minds and hearts of your students in 2017.

1. Snapchat Spectacles

Our Prediction: These $130 camera equipped glasses will capture your students every glance and post the pics to Snapchat.

2. Cutting the Cable Cord

Our Prediction: Students will continue to watch television from alternative sources like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and HBO Go, especially now that WatchESPN provides sports on the go! Netflix is creating $6 billion worth of original content in 2017.

3. Decline of the Driver’s License

Our Prediction: Fewer students of age are getting their driver’s license. When the digital world is at your fingertips, who needs to go anywhere. Look for this trend to continue in the coming year.

4. Same-Sex Gaming

Our Prediction: The video game industry will incorporate transgender and same-sex attracted characters in their story-based games like Watch Dogs 2 and Overwatch.

5. The Super Bowl

Our Prediction: The New England Patriots will defeat the Dallas Cowboys for their fifth championship.

6. iPhone Turns 10

Our Prediction: The fanfare around Apple’s new iPhone 8 will begin to build in late Spring with rumors already swirling about a glitzy new model (September release) that will seek to overcome the recent decline in iPhone sales.

7. Nintendo Switch

Our Prediction: Nintendo’s newest gaming system (March release) has a mobile console that will only increase on-the-go gaming.

8. Drone Delivery

Our Prediction: Our Prediction: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos believes drones will replace mail delivery trucks very soon. We don’t yet buy that bold prediction, although Google did deliver Chipotle to a group of Virginia Tech students in September.

9. 2017 Nobel Peace Prize

Our Prediction: Pope Francis is long overdue to receive the world’s highest honor.

10. The Year in Music

Our Prediction: Here’s a list of the 30 most important pop, EDM, and R&B album releases scheduled for 2017, including Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, and Nicki Minaj.

11. Less Time Online

Our Hope: You can model healthy online activity for your students by spending less time online. Here are five practical ideas to help you spend less time with your devices in 2017.

12. 2017 Movies

Our Prediction: Here are the biggest blockbusters that your students will want to see in the new year.

13. Propaganda & Post-Truth

Our Prediction: Propaganda thrives in polarizing, fear-filled environments. Since “Post-Truth” became Oxford Dictionaries 2016 ‘Word of the Year”, we sadly predict that fake news, echo-chambers, and misinformation will dominate political conversations, impacting our student’s trust of the media and government officials.

14. The Small Screen

Our Prediction: 2017 will continue the golden age of television. Here are the top new shows releasing in the new year.

15. Liturgical Worship

Our Prediction: Students will continue to migrate away from modern worship experiences and toward high church, or liturgical worship traditions.

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