Issue 44 | December 11, 2015

Issue 44 | December 11, 2015


1. TOP MUSIC OF 2015

What It Is: As the year comes to a close, everyone is releasing their lists and nominations for the best music of 2015.

Why It's Important: These are the songs, music videos, albums, and artists that are shaping our culture—and therefore our hearts and minds. We highly recommend becoming familiar and keeping up with them over the upcoming year. Billboard’s Year-End 2015 charts. iTunes’ Year-End List. Google Play’s Top-Selling Albums. YouTube’s Top 10 Music Videos. 2016 Grammy Nominations. Spotify’s Global Year in Music 2015. Vevo’s 50 Big Artists of 2015 and Most Viewed Videos of 2015. Rolling Stone’s 50 Best Songs and 50 Best Albums of 2015. DJ Earworm’s United State of Pop 2015(contains sexualized dancing).

2. TOP TV OF 2015

What It Is: The most-watched TV shows of 2015.

Why It's Important: Though these shows may not necessarily be the most popular among teens (no metric for that exists yet), they are certainly popular among TV viewers in general and therefore influencing culture and culture makers. Here are a few: Nielsen’s year-end charts (including Twitter stats). HitFix’s TV Critics’ Poll. Rotten Tomatoes’ Top 10 TV Shows. IMDB’s Most Popular TV Series. Google Play’s Top-Selling TV. iTunes’ Top TV. (Note: Netflix does not release its numbers, but claims it has the most popular show of the year.)


What It Is: While TV, music, and movies have had tremendous influence for many decades, one of the beauties/challenges of living in 2015 is that there are countless new channels of influence, especially for younger generations. Here are the most noteworthy.

Make Note Of: Tumblr’s Year In Review. Instagram’s Most Popular Photos and Year in Review. Twitter’s Year in Review. Facebook’s Year-in-Review Lists. YouTube’s Top 10 Gaming Videos. Amazon’s Best Selling Video Games. VGChartz’ Top Selling Video Games. Google Play’s Best Apps. Apple’s Top 25 Apps & Games. Google Play’s Best Games. Google Play’s Top-Selling Movies. iTunes’ Top Movies. The New York Times’ Best-Selling Books.


From Rolling Stone: The Strange Life of a Teen Social Media Celebrity (profanities)


The Internet is continuously changing the way we speak, text, and post, and we know how hard it is to keep up. Here are 10 slang terms that are sure to be relevant in the coming year.

1. Snatched = On fleek, on point, awesome. My hair is snatched.

2. Sus = Short for “suspect.” That guy is uber sus.

3. Boots = added to the end of anything for emphasis; originates from YouTube user Todrick Hall. I’m so hungry boots.

4. Sis = newer version of “bro.”

5. Goals af = “af” stands for “as f***.” This is used to say that you want to be or achieve something. Beyonce’s relationship with Jay Z? Goals af.

6. Stan = Stalker + fan; an over-obsessed fan; now used in a good way. I’m stanning Taylor Swift.

7. OTP = “One True Pairing.” Used for a celebrity/fictional couple you’re emotionally invested in or think are perfect for each other, regardless of gender.

8. Ship = Short for “relationship.” Used to put two people together. I ship Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson.

9. Netflix and Chill = used to mean “Let’s have sex.” Wanna come over and Netflix and chill?

10. Hulu and Commitment = a reaction to “Netflix and chill” meaning that the relationship has progressed past the Netflix and Chill stage.