Issue 32 | September 18, 2015

Issue 32 | September 18, 2015



What it is: An online collaboration of artists creating visual and musical expressions helping Christians memorize and meditate on Scripture.

Why it’s good: Makes memorization easier for visual and auditory learners.

How it could be bad: Removes verses from their context and their connection to the overarching biblical narrative.



What it is: Popular, lifestyle and beauty Youtube star Michelle Phan launches a subscription service for beauty products.

How it could be bad: Feeds the desire for women to find their value and identity in how they look.



What it is: A campaign by Lena Dunham to encourage girls to ask their mom if she had an illegal abortion before Roe v. Wade.

How it’s good: Uses the power of story to connect generations.

How it’s bad: Promotes legalized abortion without offering a healthy alternative to unwanted pregnancy.


Perfect365 is digital makeup app that helps you hide flaws on selfies before you post them to instagram. With over 65 million downloads, it’s the most popular selfie app from the itunes store thanks in large part to Kim Kardashian’s endorsement. Recently, there has been criticism of how fake people’s appearance is becoming online. In fact, one make up artist (who wasn’t necessarily being critical) mentioned that the new trend for make-up on instagram is so exaggerated, that girls are adopting techniques usually employed by people who dress in drag.

In response, Julia Roberts posted an untouched photo of herself and described perfection as “ a disease of a nation.” The standard is so high for perfection, as well as authenticity, that the goal seems to be to use as much retouching as you can, without being caught using such apps; there's shame in not being perfect, but even greater shame in being perceived as ‘fake’. Imagine the immense pressure teen girls face everyday as our culture feeds them these two polarizing messages: First, be comfortable with who and what you are (Think Meghan Trainor and body positive movements like dove). But second, pursue bodily perfection at any cost (think magazine racks, Celebrity Instagram accounts, etc).

Discussion Questions

How can you affirm your daughter's worth and value beyond her physical appearance? In what ways can we teach girls to respect themselves, and to expect that same respect from others? How can you teach your male students to honor women intrinsically rather than superficially? Ask them: Have you felt pressure to make yourself more ‘attractive’ online than is possible in real life?


1. PewDiePie (#1 Overall Subscribers)
Description: Videogame Commentator
Rating: Strong Language

2. holasoygerman (#2 Overall Subscribers)
*This channel is in Spanish
Description: Comedic Videos on Any Topic
Rating: Language and Thematic Material particularly Sexual Content

3. Smosh (#4 Overall Subscribers)
Description: Comedic Videos
Rating: Language, Sexual Content

4. JennaMarbles (#11 Overall Subscribers)
Description: Vlog/Comedic Outlook on Life
Rating: Language, Sexual Content

5. nigahiga (#12 Overall Subscribers)
Description: Fun/Comedic Videos
Rating: Language, Thematic Material

6. vanossgaming (#13 Overall Subscribers)
Description: Videogame Commentator
Rating: Language, Violence, Sexual Jokes

7. elrubiusomg (#14 Overall Subscribers)
*This channel is in Spanish
Description Videogame Commentator
Rating: Language, Possible Thematic Material

8. TheFineBros (#15 Overall Subscribers)
Description: Reaction Videos/Sitcom/Spoiler Videos
Rating: Thematic Material

9. lady16makeup (#21 Overall Subscribers)
*This channel is in Spanish
Description: Vlogger/How To Videos/Comedy
Rating: Thematic Material, Possible Language

10. SkyDoesMinecraft (#22 Overall Subscribers)
Description: Video Creation Using Minecraft as the Tool
Rating: Childish Humor



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