Social Media

Are You Struggling To Understand Your Teen & Social Media?

Get Free tools you need to talk about Social Media with your teen.

Do you feel like the issues facing your child are getting increasingly difficult to discuss or know what you would even say? Do you worry that if you started a conversation, you’d say the wrong things and simply make the situation worse? But you know that saying nothing is not the answer either?

Helping teens find a healthy to engage with Social Media  can feel impossible. 

This 4-day walkthrough gives you the tools and information you need to talk about Social Media with your teen. 

Get daily discussion questions and activities to take your relationships with the next generation to the next level with deep, personal conversations that make a difference!

Have The Right Responses For Life's
Hardest Conversations

Lay of The Land: Is Social Media the problem?

Dive Deep: What’s the “good” of Social Media?

Hear from Experts: Learn about Social Media – the good, bad, and ugly – from the experts!

Making Space: A look at how Social Media can add to or detract from everyday life.

What Does Each Day Look Like?

How Will Each Day Help You Start Conversations?

Get a full understanding of the landscape of Social Media and smartphone addiction in today’s culture

Take a deep dive into Social Media and potential benefits. We’ll also do some self-reflection in how we model habits to those watching us.

We’ll learn from an expert on social media, culture, and potential pitfalls of social media use in our lives.

Find the nuanced, but vital difference between sexuality and gender with two of our best video resources so you can have an educated, and powerful conversation. These videos are designed to be watched as a family to help jumpstart the conversation!

Hear From A Teen Who Has Been Impacted By Axis

Meet Taylor, a teen whose family has been building stronger connections through meaningful conversations with Axis & our resources! 

If you want to make your family’s difficult conversations a little easier, and build stronger relationships like Taylor’s family, this is your chance!
Jumpstart your conversation around Social Media with this free 4-day event!

Ready To Walk Through This Conversation
With Confidence & Grace?

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