TT Day 2


TT - Kirk Cameron: Connect with and Reach Your Teen

Kirk Cameron unpacks what technology is and what it does in the family. Referencing professionals from interviews in his upcoming film, as well as his own experiences parenting six teenagers, Kirk is both practical and uplifting as he encourages parents to build relationships to truly demonstrate the love of Christ.

TT - Saundra Dalton-Smith: How to Have a Well-Rested Teen (and Parent!)

For a generation burned-out teens and busy families, the idea of rest is more important, and possibly more misunderstood, than ever. Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith is here to clear away the confusion about rest and our need for it. In this interview, she defines what rest is, why teens need it, how to find it together as a family, and why it might just be the most important thing families can do together. After watching this interview, you’ll be equipped to understand what kinds of rest you and your teens have been needing and given direction for finding the feeling of restoration and energy that has been eluding so many exhausted families. This may just be the thing you’ve been missing, and it will be one of the things you’ll be adding to your life in order to build healthy, happy, and whole families.

TT - Dr. Kathy Koch: Why Teens Love Technology

Becoming a family that manages technology well is something that both parents and their teens have to commit to do, parents cannot expect teenagers to do it on their own. Navigating this new world of social media screens is difficult, but not hopeless. Technology can be used to bring us closer together, but how do we do this? As parents model what it means to be relational first and tech savvy second in a world that would reverse that order, teenagers will be equipped to see what is truly valuable and lasting.

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