TT Day 1


TT - Andy Crouch: The Tech-Wise Family

We are made in the image of a Creator God which means that we are made to create, not just consume. While technology is great at extending our capabilities (think about how much easier algebra is with a calculator instead of just our brains!), it is not a good developer of personhood. Technology exists to make things easier. Christianity asserts that life is not necessarily meant to be easy, and that good things often come through hard work and sometimes even pain. Andy Crouch offers some practical ways to cultivate technology for our benefit, without letting it replace the necessary hard work that facilitates growth and community.

TT - Hillary and Christoph Gruener: Raising Emotionally Healthy Kids

Hillary and Christoph discuss the "how to" on raising emotionally healthy children in this day and age. They also bring up what it looks like to take your place as the primary influence in your child’s life — the person God has placed in your child's life to guide them  emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically.
The Gruener's are the authors of a marriage, parenting, and personal growth lifestyle blog, A Word From The Bird! Their desire is to bring families to a place of contentment with their lives and teach parents how to be the primary influence of their child’s life. They encourage that you are not helpless, but rather equipped to give your child everything they need.

TT - Arlene Pellicane: Thriving in a Tech Centered World

With engaging humor and practical insight, Arlene walks through both the challenges and benefits of technology. As a mom of three she understands the struggle of competing with technology for her kids’ time and attention. Amidst this often overwhelming struggle, Arlene offers hope that with healthy boundaries and a right understanding of the deeper issues that often drive people to escape into their own little digital worlds, devices can build community rather than increasing isolation.

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