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Technology Bundle

Parenting Teens Summit: Technology Bundle

Matt McKee: Treat Phones Like Cars

Having a teenager with a smartphone might be one of the scariest things for a parent in today’s technological age. Matt McKee makes the process of giving a child a smartphone a little less polarizing by laying out each step a parent must take to understand their child’s device, set proper expectations and limits with said technology, and most of all, foster a relationship through the process that doesn’t leave parents in the dark. Teens today inherit a world that is almost too accessible and limitless — however, they don’t have to do it alone.

Joel Newton: What You Need to Know About Virtual Reality

We have all heard that virtual reality is coming. Whether it’s exciting or scary to us, it’s unknown territory, and we know it could change the world. Joel Newton sheds some light on this technology, and teases out the different implications of virtual reality and augmented reality. He explains the appeal of these new forms of technology and what parents need to know at this point in the game. Viewers will come away with new ideas about how to parent well in the midst of these new technologies

Dr. Kathy Koch: Screens and Teens

We live in a world where young people are constantly viewing screens, in everyday life and while they are learning. Dr. Kathy Koch brings a wealth of expertise in helping us to identify and understand what our children’s use of technology is teaching them. She also offers insight to help parents understand how to better engage with the learning process of their child in this age of technology.

Tim Cleary: Everything You Need to Know About Video Games

Because they evolve at such a rapid pace, video games have never been typical common ground for parents and their kids. Let’s face it — there is a wide gap between the Atari and the Xbox One. Tim Cleary helps parents understand the appeal of today’s video games, helpful questions to ask when monitoring a child’s gaming habits, and many of the positives that can come from healthy gaming.

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