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Spiritual Disciplines Bundle

Parenting Teens Summit: Spiritual Disciplines Bundle

Propaganda: Unified Not Uniform

The race conversation may be one of the most uncomfortable conversations currently happening (or not, as the case may be) within the body of Christ. Propaganda shares wis-dom both for those largely unaffected by these issues and for those right in the thick of them. He talks about ways to diversify the home and the education your children receive while growing up. Stressing the importance of honesty and vulnerability for parents, both white and of color, Propaganda shares his own experiences walking as a Christ follower and a man of color, and gives perspective to help us better navigate racial issues and con-versations.

Danielle Strickland: Social Justice, Proximity, and Your Family

It’s hard to know where to begin to address all of the injustices in this world, and how to gain tangible ground. Danielle Strickland talks about simple ways each family can become involved in the fight. Leading by example, she is raising her sons to be men devoted to countering injustice, and her primary focus is on the sex trafficking industry. Viewers will not only become more informed on the current practices of the sex trafficking industry, but they will also be inspired and challenged by action steps they can take to serve those who are or have been oppressed.

Jon Collins: Understanding the Bible and Its Literary Ninja Authors

Often, young people are familiar with stories in the Bible, but not the story of the Bible. Jon Collins is passionate about teaching people how to read individual stories in Scripture in light of the grander narrative, and in a way that allows us to see Jesus through the whole thing. He encourages parents to explain the Bible’s literary genius to their children as a platform to further explore its depth, to be aware of the assumptions they bring to their un-derstanding of Scripture, and to disciple their children to see the big picture story in Scrip-ture.

Matt and Julie Canlis: How to Incorporate Sabbath into the Family

We live in a fast-paced and distracting world, which makes it difficult for families to spend quality time with one another. Matt and Julie Canlis understand this and have worked to be intentional in their own family to find practical ways to be fully present with each other and their children. This dynamic and wise couple brings a timely challenge to engage and be present, as well as many applicable ways to make this a priority. You will be enlightened and encouraged to begin a journey of being present with your kids, despite the busyness constantly pulling for our attention.

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