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Social Media Bundle

Parenting Teens Summit: Social Media Bundle

Jarrid Wilson: Social Media and Suicide

While studying the rising generation, Jarrid Wilson has found a strong connection between mental health, bullying, and social media. Laying out positive ways to engage a culture that struggles with depression and anxiety, Wilson provides a platform for us to rethink our use of technology, how mental health is understood within the church, the new age of bullying, and how all of these can be redeemed.

Dr. Walt Mueller: The Best Parenting Advice from 30+ Years of Ministry

Walt Mueller has many insights to offer when it comes to teaching children how to think well starting at a very young age. He delves into how to teach kids to be discerning in their media intake, and even addresses more complicated issues like sexuality. For parents who struggle to know the balance between helping their children make decisions but also parenting them towards independence, Mueller shares practical insights to help navigate this tension based on his experience ministering to young people for over thirty years

Jeremy Cowart: Parenting An Artist

Modern education doesn’t always reward kids who might not be strong in traditional academics but have beautiful ideas they want to make come to life. Jeremy Cowart describes the journey to become an artist as a courageous one, reminding parents that creative kids need a team of people who will support them along the way. Through practical strategies and resources, Cowart gives parents an inside look as to how they can effectively be on that team for their creative kids

Jason Romano: Sports and Social Media

Social media has created a unique climate both for Christians and athletes, one that is unprecedented in human history. Jason Romano explains the process to develop a social media brand in the sports world, highlighting the capability to promote oneself. Because this type of branding is available to Christians, Romano reminds us that our opportunity for spreading the Gospel is more apparent than ever, and that we have inherited a responsibility to steward this medium. Romano also gives practical methods for parents to break through barriers created within the family via technology, shifting our perspective about the online world from a hindrance to a land of opportunity.

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