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Sexuality Bundle

Parenting Teens Summit: Sexuality Bundle

Chris Bruno: Why are Teens Drawn to Pornography

The rising generation is experiencing a plague of pornography addiction in a way that is unprecedented. Chris Bruno sheds light on how pornography is impacting teens specifically, how it is impacting relationships in general, and how it is impacting society at large. Parents will come away from this interview with more information about the current cultural climate in regards to pornography, and practical tips to begin difficult conversations about pornography with their children.

Caleb Kaltenbach: How to Talk to Your Kids About Gender

It goes without saying that conversations about gender and sexuality are exploding constantly in culture. If parents are not intentional to disciple students in this area, culture certainly will. Caleb Kaltenbach shares from his own personal journey and reminds parents that the sexuality conversation is complex. Because gender and identity are such prevalent issues, he argues that they must be talked about often within the family unit. He provides some helpful tools to help parents begin the conversation.

Dr. Juli Slattery: Sexuality in the Next Generation

Let’s just be honest… no one really wants to talk about sex with a teen. It was hard enough when the conversation was more straightforward. Now there are layers of discussions about gender, the plague of pornography, and so many modern identity issues that come with sexual sin. Fear not — Juli Slattery is here to guide a new kind of conversation, leading with consistency, vulnerability, and accountability. From innovative questions to ask, to patterns of communication to create space for “the talk” (which now needs to be many more than just one!), Slattery helps us prepare to talk sexuality with teens in today’s world

D.A. Horton: Sex, Evangelism, Tupac

D.A. Horton reminds parents of the importance of gospel-centered living. He applies gospel living to pertinent, cultural issues including parenting and sexuality, modeling an evangelism-centered life, and reconciling race relations. Through a perspective of freedom and grace, Horton invites parents to live a life daily transformed by the fullness of salvation

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