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Pop Culture Bundle

Parenting Teens Summit: Pop Culture Bundle

Justin Wren: MMA, Jesus, and Fighting

Mixed Martial Arts may be the last thing you would ever watch in your home. Justin Wren tells the incredible story of how this sport not only saved his life but also became his way to give back to the world. His unique narrative addresses bullying, injustice, and the struggle of ambition and individualism for the Christian. Wren helps viewers understand MMA better (or perhaps give an introduction) and shows how Christians can master a unique craft and use it entirely for Kingdom purposes

Art Hooker: Hip-hop, Film Industry, and Fostering Creativity

Art Hooker provides engaging insight into the world of hip-hop and the influence of faith within the music and the filmmaking industry. He offers practical parenting strategies for teens with gifted creativity. He offers fundamental definitions of the difference between hip-hop and Christian hip-hop, and elaborates on its appeal. Through dynamic and engaging stories, Hooker draws the listener into a deeper understanding of the genre. His testimony and ideas help viewers understand hip-hop as a platform for faith, and help parents as they seek to cultivate their teen’s creativity

Dr. Russell Moore: The Politics of the Next Generation

For many, politics is a regular topic of conversation and thought. Others avoid thinking or talking about politics because of discomfort and frustration. For either kind of viewer, Dr. Russell Moore discusses why politics matter (primarily as Christians and secondly as Americans), where we should place politics on our list of priorities, and how we can best serve our community both inside and outside of the political realm. He also talks about how Christians should go about choosing a candidate.

John Stonestreet: Amusing Ourselves to Death

The idea of culture has become bifurcated in some circles, divided into Christian culture and worldly culture. John Stonestreet explains why this approach is unbiblical, and gives immediate and concrete ways for parents and students students to face culture head-on, without drowning in unprocessed information. By re-shaping how we think about culture, encouraging better media consumption habits, and deconstructing the idea of Christian culture as a whole, Stonestreet provides viewers with a brand new outlook — perhaps a much more inviting one.

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