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Parenting Tactics Bundle

Parenting Teens Summit: Parenting Tactics Bundle

Dr. Timothy Keller: Intellectual, Intuitive, and Social

Culture is telling young people where to find love, how to define truth, and who they are supposed to become. Dr. Tim Keller shares wisdom and practical ideas to help parents and their teens discover God’s unrelenting love, truth, and script, which will ultimately lead to security and satisfaction. Through a creative illustration, an emphasis on close-range mentorship, and a breakdown of “post-truth” society, viewers will receive a gold mine of information to better disciple their students.

Dr. Kara Powell: Warm and Doubt

Dr. Kara Powell brings a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and research to the table when it comes to cultivating “sticky faith” in young people. It is a messy process that takes time and intentionality, but parents and faith leaders will have more insight after watching Dr. Powell describe practical, research-based ideas, such as creating warmth in the family, encouraging students to wrestle through their doubts in a safe environment, and promot-ing intergenerational relationships.

Patti Garibay: How to Establish Your Dauther’s Identity

Helping young women discover their God-given identity is a complex task. Patti Garibay draws from years of experience with young women to give parents tips on raising a daugh-ter who can confidently answer the questions of who they are and whose they are. One of the biggest elements she names is leading young women to discover positive role mod-els, identify negative role models, and learn how to be a positive role model for others.

Mike Ruman: Busy Families Need a Family Brand

The idea of “branding” often involves an individual bolstering their marketability. Mike Ru-man gives it a completely new meaning — a way to validate a family’s identity and values. Using family goals, core values, catch phrases, and even “complaint bans” (something any parent can get on board with), Ruman provides practical ways to give the family a team feel and focus on leaving an intentional legacy.

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