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Parenting Advice Bundle

Parenting Teens Summit: Parenting Advice Bundle

Dr. Ron Hunter Jr.: Resilient Faith

Ron Hunter breaks down how church and home can work together in order to strengthen the family unit and disciple young people. Addressing the problems of both the disjointed church and the dysfunctional home, Hunter discusses nuances of youth ministry, identity, parenting strategies, and the importance of grandparents as a driving force for the future. Each fits into an action plan to further help you to connect with your children on a level that builds lifelong faith.

Melvin Adams: Success and Humility

In a high-paced and busy world, it is tempting to try to disciple young people by telling them the right things, rather than showing them. Melvin Adams discusses the importance of demonstrating what Christianity looks like to the rising generation through visible ac-tions. Kids will be way more likely to understand and embrace true Christianity when they see it modeled in their daily lives by the people they most desire it from, their parents.

Dr. Gary Chapman: Parenting the Love Languages

Dr. Gary Chapman’s thoughtful insights and practical suggestions will enhance relation-ships between parents and their children. He talks about identifying and speaking the right love languages, asking intentional questions, creating technology free-zones for connec-tion, fostering an in-depth understanding of identity, and rectifying mistakes made in par-enting. As he puts it, the question parents should be asking is not “Do I love my teenager?” but rather, “Does my teenager feel loved?” After listening to Dr. Chapman, parents will be closer to being confident in their answer.

Dave Blanchard: Preparing Your Kid to Make Money

Ambition is not an issue for the upcoming generation: there is a clear desire to matter, and to do things that achieve impact. Dave Blanchard helps parents learn to organize and direct these desires in the lives of their teens. Outlining character traits to be successful, Blanchard provides tangible ways to build these into a student as they look to find pur-pose. The pathway to harnessing the energy of the rising generation and helping them steward it well is not simple or easy, especially in the face of narcissism. However, viewers will have new ideas after listening to Blanchard and will be ready to implement them right away.

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