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Next Generation Bundle

Parenting Teens Summit: Next Generation Bundle

Andrew McPeak: Teen Anthropology: What’s Unique About Gen Z

Generation Z, those born in 2001 and beyond, are finally coming into an age where they can be studied as a whole. Andrew McPeak gives an ethnography-based perspective of the forecast for this group, including their tech usage, their struggles with depression and anxiety, and their entrepreneurial futures. With innovative ideas for education and ap-proaches to everyday conversations with teens, and even a discussion about the way we think about thinking itself (metacognition), McPeak casts a vision for edifying and enhanc-ing the minds of future leaders.

Roxanne Stone: The Data of Your Teen’s Life

From years of research and experience, Roxanne Stone shares some of the trends that parents of teens need to be aware of right now. She touches on technology use, changes in the way young adults perceive the importance of church and why, confusion and feel-ings of betrayal over issues of gender and sexual identity, and a new framework for male/female relationships outside of dating. Her insight is vital for parents as they seek to dis-cover what kinds of conversations need to be happening on a regular basis in their home.

Shane Carroll: Millenials Transitioning to Adults

Millennials and members of the rising generation are often misunderstood and negatively categorized by older generations. Shane Carroll gives a refreshing perspective regarding this group, helping us to see the immense amount of power parents and faith leaders have to speak into their lives. He reveals the millennial journey through today’s culture, how to meet them where they are, and where we have previously gone wrong, in order to better disciple the rising generation.

Kenny and Elle Campbell: How to Disciple Middle Schoolers

Middle school is certainly a unique time of life. Kenny and Elle Campbell, middle school youth ministers, provide tangible, practical solutions to engaging kids as they take on the middle school years. They talk about finding and developing mentors, organizing small groups, initiating conversations, and answering questions students are asking, all with the goal of cultivating lifelong faith.

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