MHS Day 4


MHS – Brett Ullman: Listening in the Midst of the Struggle

Brett Ullman explains to parents how important good listening skills can be in their relationship with their teens, even when it seems difficult or impossible to relate to them. He candidly discusses his journey to “almost wholeness” through a debilitating struggle with clinical anxiety, detailing what friends and loved ones said (and didn’t say) that helped him heal. Mr. Ullman also discusses the Church’s customary method of handling mental health issues among its members, suggesting several practical methods Christians might employ to both better understand emotional health and provide real support to others who wrestle with it.

MHS – Ryan Dobson: Imperfect Parents Raising Teens in Today’s World

Ryan Dobson, son of James Dobson, shares his insight and experience in raising and discipling young people in today’s world. His passion for the stories of parents and their kids, as well as his love for building those relationships and telling parents “It’s okay,” makes his thoughts uplifting and deeply impactful.

MHS – Dr. Timothy Keller – Mentorship Model: Parenting through today’s Culture

Culture is telling young people where to find love, how to define truth, and who they are supposed to become. Dr. Tim Keller shares wisdom and practical ideas to help parents and their teens discover God’s unrelenting love, truth, and script, which will ultimately lead to security and satisfaction. Through a creative illustration, an emphasis on close-range mentorship, and a breakdown of “post-truth” society, viewers will receive a gold mine of information to better disciple their students.

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