MHS Day 2


MHS - Bonus Video: Suicide Whiteboard

Over 30 minutes Jerusha Clark talks about her experiences with body disorders, anxiety, and intense depression. Through telling her story she explains how this can cause a person to want to take their own life. She dives into how there is hope for a brighter tomorrow and the ways she was healed.
This 30-minute video is so powerful, we encourage you to share this bonus video with friends or family who know someone, or struggle themselves, with suicidal thoughts or ideation.

MHS - Steve Arterburn: Understanding Depression and Anxiety in Teens

Psychologist, therapist, and father Steve Arterburn draws from decades of experience in family, teen, and youth counseling to share meaningful insights to parenting your troubled teen. Beginning with prevention and how to keep your kids mentally healthy, he moves into helping your kids when their mental health is suffering. His unique mix of grace-filled and hardliner stances lead to a refreshing perspective on the subject.

MHS - Macy + Ginger Klein: Reasons to Have Open Communication

Macy Rae and Ginger Klein, a high school student and her mother, share their family’s experience with Macy Rae’s major depressive disorder, self-harming, suicidal ideation, and subsequent management of Macy Rae’s emotional stability. Each comments on her perspective throughout the experience, including suspicion of trouble, assessment, diagnosis, and treatment along with the stigma and over-glorification of suicide and self-harm within Macy Rae’s friend group. Ginger and Macy Rae also talk about how the experience changed their family dynamic and what non-clinical helps (volunteering, improved communication, the development of a nonprofit supporting suicidal and self-harming teens, etc.) did the most toward the family’s healing process.

MHS - Dr. Mark Mayfield: Teen Depression, Anxiety & Suicidal Thoughts

Dr. Mark Mayfield is a licensed professional counselor, and a nationally certified counselor. Before that, he was a youth and family pastor for 5 years, and now talks with about 130 teenagers every month at his practice.
In this interview, he talks about the multifaceted aspect of what can cause mental illness, the importance of finding community we can be honest about our struggles with, and how his own experience with depression and anxiety ultimately helped him draw closer to God.
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