MHS Day 1


MHS - Dr. Les Parrott: Fostering Genuine, Healthy Relationships through Family

As beings created in the image of a Trinitarian God, we are literally made for love and community. Intimacy with others can bring life and fulfillment, but it is also fraught with dysfunction and difficulty. Dr. Parrott offers hopeful advice in this fundamental area of life that can be so difficult, yet so rewarding. Often, children learn what healthy relationships look like from watching their parents and other influential adults. So cultivating deep relationships for your kids starts with having healthy relationships of your own. And of course, all of this starts by understanding the centrality of Christ in every area of life, including our relationships.

MHS - Craig Groeschel: Raising Biblically Based World Changers

We live in a pivotal moment, and our teens are ready to make a difference in their world. What do they need from their parents, and how can parents encourage them to be the person God is calling them to be? Craig is a seasoned thought leader and parent who offers some insight into these questions. He talks about the need to manage social media and reinforce their God-given identity by graciously guiding kids to the truth and not being afraid of failure.

MHS - Jessie Minassian: Beauty, Porn, Identity, and Cutting

Young women desire to be loved, lovable, and beautiful, and they are longing for a secure identity. Our culture is constantly having conversations with our daughters, giving them a picture of womanhood vastly different from their identity in Christ. Jessie Minassian gives insight into what our daughters are wrestling with, both externally and internally. She gives practical suggestions to begin conversations about what it really means to be a woman, leaving mothers and fathers with new ideas of how to communicate value to their daughters, which may be the lynchpin to female holiness and strength.

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