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High Risk Issues Bundle

Parenting Teens Summit: High Risk Issues Bundle

Joe Baker: How to Reframe the Pro-Life Fight into a Tone of Service

Research suggests that the majority of women facing an unplanned pregnancy feel they have no choice but to get an abortion. Save the Storks founder Joe Baker hopes to be a part of changing this reality through an innovative process to come alongside future moth-ers, including traveling medical vans that offer free ultrasounds, treatments, and counsel-ing. Baker provides helpful questions to ask the newly-expecting, and ways for parents to help kids develop a solid biblical foundation that doesn’t alienate those considering abor-tion and those who have already had an abortion.

Ben Sciacca: Peacekeepers vs. Peacemakers

Today’s school environment brings a slew of systemic struggles each passing year. Be-tween academics, bullying, peer pressure, and the like, being a student is a more difficult task than ever before. Ben Sciacca discusses how to disciple the next generation to be-come peacemakers, with Jesus as the catalyst for the cause. He discusses practical ways to approach social justice in a school environment, whether public or private. Most impor-tantly, the relationship between parent/teacher and child is at the forefront of the process. If we are called to be ambassadors for Christ, Sciacca challenges us to embrace living this out fully.

Dr. Jeff Pauls: Abortion. Lesser of Three Evils?

Whether individuals are pro life or pro choice is a hot button conversation in culture today. Dr. Jeff Pauls has spent years researching why women make the choice for life or abortion and has many insights to offer. He has discovered that most women who have an abortion feel coerced in some way and fear the “psychological death” that would happen to their present and future selves if they decided to keep the child. Dr. Pauls focuses on ways to help women who are facing unexpected pregnancies, such as caring about them as indi-viduals, offering support, making them aware of Pregnancy Resource Centers, and speak-ing messages of hope that make them feel like it is doable for them to carry their child to term.

Jessie Minassian: Beauty, Porn, Identity, and Cutting

Young women desire to be loved, lovable, and beautiful, and they are longing for a secure identity. Our culture is constantly having conversations with our daughters, giving them a picture of womanhood vastly different from their identity in Christ. Jessie Minassian gives insight into what our daughters are wrestling with, both externally and internally. She gives practical suggestions to begin conversations about what it really means to be a woman, leaving mothers and fathers with new ideas of how to communicate value to their daugh-ters, which may be the lynchpin to female holiness and strength.

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