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GCS Day 4


GCS - Jason Soucinek: Changes in the Sex Talk

Jason Soucinek is the Executive Director and founder of Project Six19. Dedicated to talking honestly about matters of sex, sexuality and relationships. Jason has spent more than a decade engaging audiences of all ages and backgrounds. He is an internationally recognized seminar and conference speaker and published writer on issues surrounding sexuality and youth culture. He can be heard on the CPYU podcast “Youth Culture Matters”.

GCS - Christen Cappatt: Porn, Grooming and Why it Matters

Christen shares her passion for breaking victims out of human trafficking by pointing out just how much of an issue this is in today’s world. She shares examples that might hit close to home, a brief glimpse of the astonishing scope of the human trafficking industry, and tools and ministries that you can use to broach this subject with your student.

GCS - Alex Lerza: Overcoming Addiction Through Connection

Alex shares his expertise and experience as a counselor in order to equip parents to truly develop their kids’ hearts and prepare them for struggling with addiction, sexuality, and pornography. He also encourages parents to build community around themselves, be- cause connection is the solution to so many of these kinds of problems.

GCS - Justin + Lindsey Holcomb: Hope and Healing for Sexual Assault Victims

Dr. Justin and Lindsey Holcomb talk about the reality and appalling prevalence of teen sexual assault, including the legal definition of the term and some statistics relating to the number of teens affected. They also give many practical examples for parents who want to talk with their kids about sexual assault, ask if he/she has been assaulted, how to respond if an assault has occurred, and the warning signs parents should look for in babysitters, teachers, coaches, pastors, youth leaders, older teens, etc. so they can protect their child(ren).

GCS - Jason Burtt: Purity As A Pursuit Not Perfection

Jason Burtt is the President/CEO of Unaltered Ministries (UNA) an organization whose mission is ‘to help people experience the fullness of life in God’s unaltered design.’ They lead a generation of teens to embrace life with God’s design through high-impact events, leadership initiatives, engaging resources and online social communities. The Christian view of purity has long been centered on perfection and virginity, like the image of an untouched flower. But what if the Bible’s meaning of purity goes even deeper than that? For the Christian, purity is an active pursuit of Christ in all that we do. Our Savior offers us so much unmatched grace, forgiveness, love, and redemption, but that beautiful message is lost in translation when we send our kids the message that virginity is the ultimate goal of believers. The truth is, we have all fallen short of the glory of God, even those of us who have fallen sexually, and it’s important to teach our kids that even when they fall, the gift of grace lifts them back up. Jason hits on this and more in his interview.
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