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GCS Day 2


GCS - Sam Allberry: Biblical Singleness

Sam is a pastor, regular conference speaker, global speaker for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, editor for the Gospel Coalition, and visiting professor at Cedarville University. He is the author of Is God Anti-Gay? and Why Bother with Church? As well as Seven Myths About Singleness.

GCS - Tim Geiger: Life with Same-Sex Attraction

President of Harvest USA, Tim came to Harvest USA in 1997 as a Christian who had been struggling with secret same-sex attraction for 20 years. Tim is a Teaching Elder in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), and holds a Master of Divinity degree from Westminster Theological Seminary, Glenside, PA. Tim lives with his wife and family outside Philadelphia.

GCS - Bill Henson: Loving LBGT+ Well

Bill has a heart to see people be restored through faith in Jesus Christ, no matter what sin is damaging them. Responding to teens struggling with LGBT+ issues can be a very difficult experience to navigate through. Bill offers a well-thought-out, biblical approach to restoring people who are struggling with issues of sexuality by finding a balance of grace and truth.

GCS - Preston Sprinkle: Navigating Gender and Sexuality with Grace and Truth

Culture is heavily influencing Gen Z’s beliefs about gender and sexuality. How can we parents, teachers, and faith leaders talk with our teens about these important topics without condemnation, while upholding truth? Preston is the dad of four Gen Z kids, so he is well acquainted with how this generation thinks and operates. He gives valuable insight into why Gen Z finds the LGBTQ movement so appealing and also offers practical advice about how to speak with both grace and truth about these controversial issues.

GCS - Dr. Christopher Yuan: Heterosexuality or Holiness?

Dr. Christopher Yuan tells the story of his struggle with same-sex attraction as a young man, describing how his parents influenced him and how God helped him understand the role holiness plays in the development of a person’s identity. Dr. Yuan talks frankly about his early adulthood, which included dangerous and illegal activities and time spent incarcerated, and how God showed up in a very difficult experience to save not only him but his parents, as well. He also explains the impact of peers on a teen’s worldview and decision-making; he then gives practical pointers on guiding our sons and daughters to be influencers for Christ in their friend groups and, ultimately, in the world.

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