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Family Building Bundle

Parenting Teens Summit: Family Building Bundle

Sally Burke: How to Pray for Your Teens

It is easy to talk about the power of prayer in Christian circles, but it is much harder to actually engage in prayer consistently. Sally Burke’s journey of bringing mothers together in prayer, all over the world, has redefined what it means to pray fervently and consistently, and to see real results. Sally’s resources and practical suggestions can bring hope into the life of the parent that seems to be losing their child to the world. Through implementing community, Scripture, and relentlessness as Burke describes, any parent can become a true prayer warrior

Todd Wagner: Lab vs. Lecture: How to Model the Gospel

Todd Wagner passionately articulates the importance of setting a Christ-like example as a parent. A family, Wagner asserts, should be a lab as opposed to a lecture hall. Only by spending copious amount of time with a child can parents begin to shape the lives of their children in a significant way.

Dr. Don Whitney: Praying Scripture as a Family

Prayer and spirituality are obviously vital in the life of a Christian, yet how many of us struggle with a mundane and repetitive prayer life? Don Whitney re-shapes the entire process, turning prayer into a communal, family-oriented, and biblically-based journey that can change not only our willingness to pray often, but our ability to enjoy it, which may be the hardest struggle in our spiritual lives today.

Daniel Fusco: Jesus, Parents, Teens and Conversations

In addition to his pastoring experience, Daniel also coaches aspiring church planters and has built up a large social media following through his “2-Minute Message” videos. He has an exceptionally unique teaching style that is centered on teaching the Gospel in a way that is applicable to every background. He uses his experience to offer advice and tips for how to have genuine relationships and constructive conversations with people of different backgrounds and beliefs, as well as teaching younger generations to do so as well.

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