Church Leader Bundle

Gen Z Faith Summit: Church Leader Bundle

Nick Vujicic: Be The Hands and Feet

Nick Vujicic encourages parents to be authentic examples of the gospel. He charges the body of Christ to live unafraid embracing the call not just to believe but to live. Utilizing examples from his own life, Nick offers practical examples of what being the hands and feet of God look like in a hurting world. He advocates parents to step forward and to look around at the community they are placed in. This then sets an example of the Christian life for their students.

Shane Claiborne: What If Jesus Meant What He Said

Shane shares how his experiences in troubled communities and his interactions with those less fortunate than the average American have shaped his views on race, life, and culture. Exceptionally personal, Shane mixes a lot of humor with inspiring thoughts from people Mother Theresa and Martin Luther King, bringing together theology with common sense, showing us where faith and work meet. Challenging, yet graceful, this interview unpacks the complicated relationships between being a Christ follower and living in modern America.

Brent Finchum: Raising Your Teens To Be Leaders

Brent Finchum gives us a lot of information about how to use God’s word to disciple Gen Z. He talks about making sure we are reading God’s word and applying it to our lives, how to be authentic, and how to deal with kids that do not what any part of God’s word or Jesus.

Paul Baloche: To Finish Well

World renowned worship singer Paul Baloche brings us his knowledge on what he has learned from his many years of experience being a father. Paul hits on topics such as getting your children involved, connecting your kids with people that like the same things as them and how to parent when traveling so often.

Shane Blackshear: A Practical Skeleton to Training Your Kids

Shane dives into his love of divergent theology and ideas, exploring what it means to learn from and love people from a variety of ethnic and ideological backgrounds. The idea of discovering true faith through studying Scripture, having conversations, and under- standing the history of the church is clearly articulated, as well as a practical skeleton for fostering the same habits in your kids.

Dr. Michael Horton: Telling A Story For the World That Isn’t Stupid

Dr. Michael Horton pinpoints one of the struggles of Gen Z today: They want to be a part of a story bigger than themselves. Dr. Horton acknowledges the challenge this can be but reassures that they aren’t in this alone. He calls parents to embrace the questions and doubt that can accompany the teen years, trusting that, through community and truth, the struggle will lead to a greater story than any of us can imagine.

Dr. Tim Chester: What Is A Family On Mission

Dr. Chester expertly informs viewers on the role of faith in parenting, and what parents can do to shape the faith of teenagers. He encourages parents to think of the family as being on mission together, hospitably involving all people into the life of the family, and to humbly embrace the grace that God has for flawed parenting. To Tim, Discipleship is making disciples who trust Christ and make more disciples. He emphasizes that parents are growing in the Gospel just as much as their teenagers are, and calls for all families to let the Gospel be at the center of their family mission.

Mark Batterson: How To Hear God’s Voice

Mark Batterson talks passion in simple and effective terms, drawing from his study and experiences. He works to unpack the variety of ways we can hear God’s voice and learn to love and live into His ways.