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Big Picture Parenting Bundle

Parenting Teens Summit: Big Picture Parenting Bundle

Mark and Jan Foreman: How to Raise Big Picture Kids

Mark and Jan Foreman are the parents of Jon and Tim Foreman, two members of the band Switchfoot. Mark and Jan cast a vision for viewers of how they can discover God-given gifts and abilities in their children. They share stories about how they challenged their kids to embrace what is good and embark on the journey God had for them. Through spending intentional and creative time with their kids, Mark and Jan say parents can play a pivotal role in cultivating big-picture kids in God’s created world.

Kathleen Jansohn: Building Resilient Kids

Kathleen Jansohn paints a helpful picture of what it means to be a resilient home, diving into the seven key components of what it takes to be resilient. She challenges listeners to discover the difference between communicating worth and communicating performance to their children.

John Eldredge: Stewarding the Heart of Your Child

Parents play a pivotal role in modeling what faith should look like practically and helping their kids discover their God-given identity. John Eldredge encourages parents to lead by example and create a home which promotes authenticity and deep relationships. El-dredge also speaks to the importance of affirming gender and parenting boys and girls differently. He offers valuable insight into the deepest questions and fears men and wom-en have, and offers practicals for parents who want to set their kids up to grow into whole, confident adults who know their worth in Christ.

Alan Briggs: Parenting Out of Mission and Not Fear

Our individualistic culture often downplays communal living, and that has bled through to the church. Alan Briggs redefines gospel-centered community, beginning with the ulti-mate foundation: the family. In-house intentionality and vulnerability will result in a few awkward encounters, but that does not excuse us from practicing fellowship. Biblical hos-pitality, genuine serving, and intentional, gospel-based discipleship serve as Briggs’ build-ing blocks to re-creating the Christian family dynamic. Viewers will be encouraged to take immediate and manageable steps to rewrite their family legacy.

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