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Apologetics Bundle Summit

Parenting Teens Summit: Apologetics Bundle

Greg Koukl: The Story of Reality

Greg Koukl brings a breadth of expertise as an apologist and parent to discuss the im- portance of developing a Christian perspective in a child. He firmly believes that a gos- pel-centered worldview is the best explanation of reality, and he offers practical tips and encouragement to parents who want to effectively display this view of the world to their children.

Dr. Timothy Paul Jones: Can I Trust the Bible?

The Bible is big, intimidating, and messy. From years of experience and study, Dr. Timothy Jones gives us some great places to start to answer questions such as, “What is the Bi-ble?”, “Is the Bible perfect?”, and “How can we trust something written in such a different time?” He also summarizes the problems the rising generation is facing when encounter-ing the Scriptures and offers practical ways to help parents encourage their teens to read and better understand God’s story.

Dr. Ravi Zacharias: Pleasure, Purpose, and Post-Truth

Dr. Ravi Zacharias has devoted much study to what it means to be human. He is also well-equipped to answer just about any question regarding the next generation, and he answers many of the most pressing ones in this interview. Beginning with human sexu-ality and the shift of morality in our nation, he then expounds upon helping teens define their purpose, and closes with a breakdown of “post-truth” society. Viewers will leave with thought-provoking insight and practical ways to walk closer to their child in the journey of learning what it means to be human.

J. Warner Wallace: Investigating the Gospel

“Proving” the existence of God may be technically impossible. However, J. Warner Wallace has long been in the business of stacking the evidence in its favor. Through his fascinating methods learned from his time as a homicide detective, he invites viewers to pick up on ways he makes apologetics an inviting ordeal for the next generation. Students really do want answers, he reminds us, and viewers will walk away with new and improved ways to start conversations about the truth.

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